About Us

Our Passion

We are passionate about proving healthy, fresh, delicious and affordable products that you can enjoy with your whole family.

our offering

Our unique inventions under our flagship brand, Naara, have the perfectly balanced combination of healthy, nutritious, wholesome, essential ingredients that include Whole grains, healthy nuts, seeds and dried fruits.

Naara products are preservative and dairy free. Always FRESH, super flavorful and bold. Each flavor is a perfect combination for yoghurt or milk and a topping for salads, fresh fruit, ice cream, desserts, pastries and more.

our commitment

We are 100% Kenyan owned company that commits to providing healthy, fresh, delicious and affordable food products for the whole family.

Our Team

The Team that makes things happen


Sempeyo Kudate

Chief Executive Officer

Leader of the gang


Milanoi Omambia

Chief Product Tester

Sweet tooth.


Nasieku Kudate

Chief Operations Officer

Brains behind the Operations


Nyaboke Omambia

Chief Product Innovator

Innovation Guru